Five jobs to support a working surfing holiday

Ever wonder how you can support yourself traveling to all the top surfing destinations? Imagine a surfing holiday where you travel from surf to surf, just to name a few:

  • Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii
  • Bundoran, Ireland
  • Black Beach, San Diego, California
  • Ulu Watu, Bali
  • Supertubes, Jeffrey;s Bay, South Africa
  • Tavarua Island, Fijji


There are surfing destinations all over the world and as a surfer, it would only be normal to make it to every single one of them. What’s stopping most of us from doing this is the means to support yourself.  How is anybody able to afford to do this?  The answer is really quite simple, if you really want something badly, you’ll find a way to make it happen. You make it a priority and you put steps in place to reach your goal.  You may want to work hard and save up; do you really need the new iPhone that is being released?  Do you really need to have take out tonight?  It is really that simple, you need to have the want and you will make it happen.

I’m not saying, that you should save until old age before traveling, let’s look at other ways you can achieve this.  A working surfing holiday, you’re already working and paying rent in your home town, what’s stopping you from doing the same in a different location?  Apart from little creature comforts being close to home, there are no differences and you do have the to do the same anywhere in the world.

Let’s look at five jobs anyone can do to support a surfing holiday:

Swimming instructor

With a strong skill In swimming, you have the ability to teach people of all ages on this life skill.  A swimming instructor will have flexibility and can earn a decent wage.

English teacher

English is a language that so many European and Asian nations lack in skill. Being able to improve a person’s ability to speak English is vital and there is never a shortage in demand.

House cleaner

Who loves house cleaning? Not many can say they do.  People will always need house cleaners and in today’s market, it is so easy to find a cleaner.  Wherever you are in the world, simply go onto the internet and search for house cleaners, ring one at a time and you’ll be surprised how quick it takes to land a job as a cleaner.


In a changing world full of renters, people are always moving and relocating.  Flex your muscles and help in the moving industry, it pays well and you’ll get fit at the same time.

Personal Trainer

Obesity is a problem in the modern era we live in. If you are great with fitness, nutrition and diets, then people are willing to pay for a knowledgeable personal trainer.  Give them the results they are chasing and you’ll see the rewards.

There you have it, make what you want a priority and work towards it. Humans are full of curiosity and we deserve to live a life full of experiences.  We do not live to work, we work to live. Make the most of what you have and appreciate life.